Weekend Housekeeping: Bonnaroo, Book, Etc.:
1. The Rude Pundit will be returning to the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival as part of the Academy. He'll be teaching the good hippies guerrilla theatre, as he did two years ago, when he helped create an uproar at the mushroom fountain over the gouging price of lemonade. (As odd as that sounds, it's totally real and not acid trip residue.)

No, he won't be performing this year. But if you're there, come on by the tent at Planet Roo and get your activism on before heading off to that TV on the Radio set. Schedule for the Academy to be posted soon.

Which means that the Rude at Bonnaroo blog will be active again, starting on Wednesday.

And, for those so inclined, he'll be doing the Twitter thing from the festival, probably mostly talking about drugs, bugs, and tits.

Send an email if you'll be there. If there's enough readers hanging out, maybe we'll do a Rude meetup at the beer tent.

2. This week, the Rude Pundit announced his first book, Staged Action, an edited volume of plays from the workers' movement of the 1920s and 1930s. It's available from Amazon. Buy it to learn about a part of American and theatre history that's been forgotten and to read some kick-ass plays.