A Few Random Observations on the Killing at the Holocaust Museum:
1. Damn, James W. von Brunn hit the nutzoid racist trifecta: he killed a black security guard at a museum about the slaughter of Jews run by the federal government. Somewhere in southern Idaho, they're already building a statue to that motherfucker.

2. In a statement that was instantly condemned by the Society of American Retards as "so stupid that it raises the bar for us - we hope Michele Bachmann comes through again," Von Brunn ally John de Nugent said, "The responsible white separatist community condemns this. It makes us look bad.” On a quick glance, there's about five things wrong with that comment, but mostly it just makes you want to dye de Nugent's skin and toss him naked on the Mexico side of the Rio Grande and tell him, "Okay, make it home."

3. You can read from many others how much Republicans are hominah-hominah-ing to cover their asses about attacking the DHS report on right-wing extremism. Instead, let's leave with this, from Storm Front, the go-to white nationalist forum. It's a little poem. The poem is really a "who give a fuck" kind of thing. But the comments will make your stomach turn inside out:
A poem from user Meadman:
"Stand up and be counted
for race and for nation
awake the Lion heart
and damn all integration.

"Stand up and be counted
Defenders of the right
And proud we`ll stand in this great land
Through history and might."

Comment from NederlanderJurrien: "Powerful poem. Did you right this one yourself? If so, good job!" Misspelling all NJ's.

Response from Meadman: "Yes I wrote it some years ago and it sounds fantastic when the kids recite it as a song!"

Thus it all continues.

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