In Brief: Why Michelle Malkin Ought To Be Caged Like a Rabid Shih-Tzu (Pandagon Edition):
Let us say, and why not, that you are Michelle Malkin (unless you really are Michelle Malkin, in which case the Rude Pundit says, "No, Michelle, not in your wildest vibrator-shaken dreams") and that you have a weekly "column" in which you entertain thousands upon thousands of your "readers" with your insanely entertaining "opinions" about "events" in the world, even some of your own creation. You have a blog on which you regularly insinuate or outright say that people are traitors or terrorists or both. You appear weekly on Bill O'Reilly's lunatic asylum to fling your shit at the camera with the other nutzoids. You even do a shitty vlog on Hot Air, which is essentially you reading your blog for the more-illiterate Malkin fan, or the ones that just like lookin' at yer boobies while they get their hate on, kind of like those pictures of chicks in bikinis holding AKs.

In other words, you have an audience, a big one. You can say all kinds of things and your minions will listen and expand and try to prove you right even when you are explicitly wrong. And what do you decide to waste your time doing?

You try to discredit the presidential campaign of John Edwards by attacking and quoting dirty things that his blogger said on her non-Edwards blog, Pandagon. You go after Amanda Marcotte like she's any kind of issue at all, except in that you and your slavering hordes of demi-bloggers have made it one.

Is that what we've actually sunk to here? Or is that all you got?

The question isn't how much profanity Amanda Marcotte has used (and you might want to read one or two of her many, many "fuck" free posts). It's why, when dealing with the rank idiocy of the self-fellating chode drinkers and crazed harridans on the right, she didn't use more.

(Full disclosure: the Rude Pundit has never met Amanda Marcotte, but has a huge writer crush on her.)