Why William Saletan at Slate Can Go Fuck Himself:
'Cause, among all the "advice" to John Kerry for the debates, Saletan here gives the worst: "The other day, in an ad lib, [Kerry] called [Bush] a liar. Don't do that again." No, no, fuck no. It's time for Kerry to use the words "lie" and "liar" because Bush demonstrably lies. It'll be such a shock that it'll force the media to have to see if Kerry is telling the truth about Bush. "Liar" is much worse than "flip-flopper," no? By not publicly calling Bush out, Kerry is just another Democratic pussy, afraid of graphically stating the truth about his opponent.

Later Today:
Duty calls this morning. Back this afternoon with how Kerry should answer one key foreign policy question and on the necessity to sodomize Bill O'Reilly with a microphone.