On Guns, on Abortion, on Everything, the Right Knows It's Wrong (and They Don't Care)

The conservative movement in this country is filthy with hypocrites. It's always been that way: the ones who talk morality and law and order are always the ones who are busy snorting coke off the hard dicks of male prostitutes. Conservatism can't function without hypocrisy because it demands an impossible purity from its adherents.

You, dear, corrupt conservative, have to be able to trick the rubes into signing onto the greed and avarice part of your policies. You need those votes because, for now, there still is some semblance of democracy. You need to give the rubes red meat to keep them interested because they sure as shit aren't going to understand marginal tax rates. So that's why you gotta feed 'em flags, guns, Jesus, and abortion. And that's where the purity no one can achieve fucks you over all the time.

Rep. Tim Murphy of the former coal mining area around Pittsburgh is a Republican (of course) who was a big deal in the anti-abortion movement (of course). He just cosponsored a bill to ban all abortions after 20 weeks, something that is generally only done in medical emergencies and is about 1% of all abortions. He is married but had a mistress he was fucking (of course) and knocked up (of course). So he told her to get an abortion. Of course. Like every gay-bashing cocksucker and every hooker-humping preacher, Murphy was a conservative who was saying one thing and doing another. When Shannon Edwards, the forensic psychologist Murphy was boning, confronted the congressman about an anti-choice Facebook post he supposedly had written after saying she should abort their love fetus, Murphy responded, "I get what you say about my March for Life messages. I've never written them. Staff does them. I read them and winced."

In other words, Murphy, like nearly every anti-choice politician, knows that abortion needs to be safe and legal for his misterss. But he refuses to say it should be for everyone else.

A whole other level of hypocrisy is that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, two of President Donald Trump's closest advisers, have been using private email accounts for government business. And now, it seems, they have been using the private email server of the Trump Corporation. Let's put it this way: this is exactly what Trump and the media talked about for months during the campaign. Hillary Clinton's private email and use of a non-government server was worse than five Watergates plus three Teapot Domes. It was the greatest scandal in America's history because we were told it was. Sure, everyone investigating it found nothing to prosecute Clinton, but that's just that the fix was in and Clintons murder people and Seth Rich and fucking nothing matters because Jared and Ivanka are doing the same shit but no one cares.

In other words, "but her emails" was a big fucking joke, a lie to make Clinton appear sinister and a trick to make the rubes happy with rage.

And the thing is that they know it. Conservative politicians and commentators simply know the difference between right and wrong. They just don't give a happy monkey fuck because anything that impinges on their power needs to be suppressed.

Which brings us around to guns. I promise you that most NRA-owned politicians know that no Democrats are trying to take away all the guns, despite the NRA's scurrilous propaganda. I promise you that they know that common sense laws restricting gun ownership would actually slow down the number of shootings. I promise you that they know there should be an assault weapons ban and more. Sure, there are the true believers, but reporters hear all the time from Republicans, especially, that they would support background checks and permits but, if they do, the NRA will say they want to melt down all your guns to make a Black Lives Matter monument.

Conservative beliefs are utterly delusional and fly in the face of all facts and all aspects of human behavior. We know that gun control works because it works everywhere gun laws are strict. We know that limiting access to abortion and birth control ends up harming women. We know that use of a private email server isn't a major crime. We know that football players protesting by kneeling during the National Anthem is protected speech. But conservatives have to keep the rubes at bay. The only way to reconcile the abject, fucked-up hypocrisy that conservatives live with is that they know. They just don't fucking care because there has been no cost to not caring since 2008 (and much longer in some congressional districts).

And so nothing will be done when it comes to guns in the wake of Las Vegas (and Orlando and Newtown and...). Until they are forced to pay for their hypocrisy, for the complete and utter fraud they have perpetrated (including the support for Trump), nothing is going to ever happen.