In Brief: Today's Terrorist Attack Changes Nothing (And, Unlike Gun Massacres, It Shouldn't)

Some cunt from Florida rented a Home Depot pickup truck and cuntishly drove it into a bike path in Lower Manhattan, killing and injuring people. Then that cunt, who is probably a crazy cunt, started shooting with a pellet gun because he's a pathetic cunt, and then he yelled, "God is great" in Arabic, which is a cunty thing to do in this situation, but this cunt is a total cunt who then got shot in his cunt ass (literally, in his ass) before being arrested.

It's frightening. It's awful. Our hearts should go out to the families of the dead and wounded. We should look at some enhanced safety measures, maybe some barricades. We should make sure that mental health care is available to people who need it. And that's pretty much it.

Except, see, conservative politicians are gonna go apeshit, as usual, demanding crackdowns and bans and more. It's the exact opposite of what they want to do when there is a gun massacre, which is tell everyone to shut the fuck up about guns and la-la-la-I-can't-hear-you-with-the-NRA's-dick-in-my-ears.

The difference between this attack and a gun massacre is that no amount of regulation of cars is going to prevent some fucknut from slamming into people. But gun regulations can (and do) limit the number of gun deaths. In fact, if the aforementioned cunt had had a real gun, many more people could have been harmed.

This is New York City. We will absorb this and go on, whatever this dumb shit did. The Greenwich Village Halloween parade is going on as I write this, a wonderful, debaucherous event that is an affront to the fundamentalists of every faith. Tomorrow, I guarantee there will be bikers and joggers back in the area. Because the cunts don't get to win. And the politicians don't terrorize us.

We live in an incredibly safe period in American history, despite the Fox "news" and Infowars freakout lies about BLM rioters and Antifa executioners. Shit is gonna happen, but a whole lot of shit needs to happen to move us out of living in an incredibly safe time.

When we can do something about violence (like gun laws, like dealing with poverty, like punching Nazis - oh, wait, scratch that one), we should. But every shithead with a credit card and directions to the Home Depot is never gonna be stopped. Pause, mourn, move on.

We don't need to give the bastards more power. The terrorist bastards and the politician bastards.