In Brief: Rush Limbaugh Says Donald Trump Is a Liar and We Need to Vote for Him

Corpulent, multi-divorced sea cucumber Rush Limbaugh apparently still has a radio program. Limbaugh, like Ann Coulter, is desperately clawing at the ledge of relevance, trying to prevent his final fall off the cliff and into the Pat Buchanan Valley of the Lost, and he thinks that the number one priority in Uhmerka is to stop Hillary Clinton from becoming president. He is so committed to this and to electing corpulent, multi-divorced cartoon Donald Trump that, today, on his show, Oxy the Walrus's Spunkorama of Incoherent Rage, he told his listeners, in so many words, "Don't be fucking dumb twats. Of course Donald Trump was a fuckin' liar who never meant that he'd deport all the stinky illegals. Vote for him for Uhmerka."

The actual quote ain't that far off: "I never took him seriously on this," and, as far as Trump's idiot hordes of voters who did believe him, "They still don't care! My point is they still don't care! They're gonna stick with him no matter what." And why is that? Because the evil whore of Babylon, Hillary Clinton, will get her whore germs all over this beautiful country just like Nigger Obama got his nigger germs everywhere and the country will be flushed down the toilet like one of those icky tampon things that women have to put up their hoo-has or something.

Again, the actual quote ain't that far off from the hyperbole there: " I don't care what the options are. Anybody but Hillary Clinton. Anybody but more of what we have had the last eight years...We're losing our country. Our country's being torn apart. Our country's being disassembled right before our very eyes by people who have that as their objective. And it's working on people like Colin Kaepernick, by the way. It's working on a whole lot of otherwise innocent people who are being radicalized each and every day by hatred for this country, which is absurd." Do the whore and the nigger have no shame? They are making innocent footballers become politically aware, and if the footballers become woke, then rape-by-Hottentot can't be that far behind. Why won't Obama stop jizzing in the face of Lady Liberty? Why won't Hillary stop twerking on Uncle Sam?

But, no, really, it's so much wiser to vote for the person that you just fucking admitted has been lying to the faces of millions of people. It's so much better to trust someone you are saying is a shameless fraud. That is surely the better path for Uhmerka.

Rush Limbaugh has been fucking the corpse of the dead past for decades now. It's time to stomp his sausage fingers and make him plunge away.