Quickie: Desperate Dipshits Attempt to Deny Rights to Americans Because Fucking

Oh, sweet Mississippi dipshits, how loathsome and stereotypical you are, wallowing in your muddy ditches, shitting in your beds, pissing in your wells, breeding with your cousins, allowing people to claim religion as an excuse for bigotry against people who don't fuck the way you want them to fuck. It's all part of the package of being from Mississippi, a state the Rude Pundit fondly remembers as "that fuckin' place that smells like horseshit and vomit on the way to the beaches of Florida."

House Bill 1523, which passed the state's House and now the Senate and, after it's reconciled, will be signed by Mississippi's drawling dipshit governor, is one of several "religious freedom" bills that have been lied into existence in the south. The thing legalizes discrimination by any "religious organization" in hiring and housing, along with marrying, the gays. And it declares, no shit, that, goddamnit, if you don't want to bake a gay cake, you don't have to. Or provide lesbian flowers. Or bisexual photography. Or transgender disc jockey services. It gets pretty fuckin' specific.

When it comes to transgender people, you can pretty be as much of a dickhole as you like as long as you're claiming that God-Jeebus or Moses or Allah or Cthulu or who-the-fuck-ever told you it's icky and wrong. Actually, the whole bill is one long detour into repression and hatred. If you're a state employee and want to call someone a "fag" on your own time on Facebook, then you're protected now because obviously you have the religious freedom to say it. (Check out that part that starts on line 97.)

If your God has time to waste worrying about whether or not two lady-people are getting hitched, you have a God that needs to get off His Fat Ass and worry about real shit, like maybe the horrific poverty in Mississippi.