Back in the US of Trump

After a long journey in England, the Rude Pundit has returned to the United States of Trump. He uses that turn of phrase because, really, the whole world pretty much believes it right now and will until the DT disappears into the miasma of reality TV and conning rich and poor rubes alike.

Regular bloggery to return tomorrow. Just one or two observations on the UK that don't involve their generally shitty coffee (didn't you guys conquer like half the countries that grow the fuckin' beans?):

1. Over on the east side of London, in the very Muslim area there, where the call to prayer rang out from several mosques and the only clothing stores all sold outfits we associate with Islamic people, the Rude Pundit did not find any "no-go zones" or whatever else conservatives like to say. He found friendly folks who were willing to direct him and chat about life in America. In a Pakistani restaurant, he did see the male waitstaff treat the women workers like children, either yelling at them where to go or explaining how to do things as if speaking to an idiot. He has never seen that type of shitty public treatment of women by Muslim men in the United States.

2. In Liverpool, taken on a Beatles tour (because, really, why the fuck not?), the guide paused in the middle of talking about the sights on Penny Lane to point out that the fire station mentioned in the song was now closed due to austerity measures by the conservative government. He criticized David Cameron and the Parliament for going too far, calling their decisions "stupid and short-sighted." Everyone on the Magical Mystery Tour bus applauded him. John Lennon may well have been proud.

3. The lack of dog shit on the sidewalks, in every neighborhood, in every town, was goddamned extraordinary.