Brief Note to RFRA Supporters: Just Say You Hate Fags

Serious Christians are celebrating this week for the gruesome death of their savior. Some are positively jizzing in their Easter baskets over Christ's crucifixion. Even if you're like the Rude Pundit and think the whole thing is ghoulish and bizarre, you have to admire one thing about the biblical Jesus: motherfucker was brave. His story is about a man who said what he meant and meant what he said. He didn't hide behind legal trickery. He fucked up people with his actual beliefs.

So, really, supporters of the Religious Freedom Whatever Acts. Just admit what's really going on. Stop saying that you are supporting your faith (you're not - all that shit you think relates to queers is in the Old Testament) or standing on principle or that you have gay friends/customers. When you say you don't want to provide service or products for gay couples getting married, all you're saying is that you hate fags. And dykes.

At the end of this exhausting week of fake soul-searching and mock concern,  be that honest - with yourselves, with others. Just say you hate queers for being queer and queering up your nice not-queer life. Just say that same-sex marriage is that last chance you have to make your hate law.

You do that and you'll earn the right the celebrate your holiday for a man/fictional character who you wouldn't have touched with a ten-foot cross.