A Farewell to Michele Bachmann

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is leaving Congress. She gave an exit interview to WND (motto: "Someone tell these voices in our heads to stop. Please, God, make them stop"). The Rude Pundit has taken the liberty of illustrating some of the quotes:

"I’ve never had a filter on my mouth at all! No, I was very free. And that’s what got me into trouble all the time."

"I worked until I’d go to sleep. And I think that’s what I am proudest of, because I put everything on the line… I couldn’t have worked harder."

"The congresswoman recalled she 'was at the tip of the spear' leading the charge against the adoption of Obamacare in Congress."

"The Republican Party always gets a bad rap, because there are not as many women in elective office. But it’s a tough business. It is public humiliation, public ridicule, constant criticism, when you’re in public office, if you take on the left."

Speaking for the left, we don't have to work that hard to humiliate you. This took, like, five minutes.

Adios, Michele Bachmann. The country will become just a little smarter without you in a leadership position.