Yes, the Book Is Coming:
The 2012 edition of The Rude Pundit's Almanack has gone to press. Why the fuck should you buy it? It's got 25 pages of never-blogged (and never-will-be-blogged), all-new stuff, including:

"Mitt Romney's Concession Speech"
"Herman Cain's Guide to Seduction"
"The Secret to Understanding Mitt Romney (and the Number One Reason Not to Vote for Him)"

That last one is not fucking around. It's a real deal thing you'll only see in this book. You will read it and think, "Yup. I get it now."

There's more that's new, and there's some minor fun shit done to the original edition.

So hang in there, everyone who pre-ordered. Get updates at the Facebook page.

No, sorry, no private handjobs, but you will be pleasured.