Minnesota, Your State Sucks Because Your Government Shutdown:
Hey, look at these happy, happy motherfuckers with their ignorant, bullshit signs:

They're the College Republicans, and they were at the steps of the state capitol in Minnesota yesterday to blame Democrats, especially Governor Mark Dayton, for the shutdown of their state government over a budget impasse. They were, according to their own Twitter status (quoting the Minnesota Independent), "the only conservative representation on the steps of the Capitol." And they're just happy little children on picture day. Smile for Mom, kids. All ten of you.

Of course, as these things go, Dayton and the Democrats had agreed to almost everything that Republicans asked for. Remember: it's not that Democrats are necessarily bad negotiators. It's just that they are damned with having a conscience. So while Republicans generally don't give a fuck what destruction happens, Democrats do. It ain't the position of strength.

The Democrats wanted to raise taxes on the top 2% of Minnesota incomes. The GOP countered with laying off teachers and other state workers, and, hey, throw in that abortion restrictions bill the governor vetoed a couple of months ago. It's the equivalent of trying to buy a car, and the salesman says, "You're gonna pay the full retail price and I'm gonna bone your daughter. Deal?"

But, in a lesson that President Obama should pay attention to, Dayton told them to go fuck themselves. This was after he had offered to raise taxes only on people making over $1 million. The GOP said it was no-go. In his statement, Dayton said, "Will the Republicans insist that inequality continue, so that millionaires do not have to pay one dollar more in taxes? So far they have." So have a good Fourth of July, Minnesota, at your closed state parks. Way to go on electing a Republican legislature.

By the way...

This is the protest by two public workers' unions, the MAPE and AFSCME. Hundreds of people so far, with a bigger rally called for July 6. Unlike the douchebags from the College Republicans, these people's actual livelihoods are on the line. So maybe it ain't happy picture time for the yearbook.