House Republicans Waste Our Time Waltzing with the Veiled Green Fairy:
Do you think Republican Representatives will ever get around to actually doing some actual fucking work? 'Cause at this point the most significant thing they've done since winning back the House in last year's election o' hate, fear, and doom is have a moment of silence for Gabrielle Giffords. Otherwise, what the hell have these lazy fuckers done? Performed a service for the blind by reading the Constitution out loud, something that could have been done more efficiently and compellingly by any community theatre group in the country? Held a worthless time- and money-wasting vote on repealing health care reform when everyone knows that the real fight will come on budgeting the provisions? No, seriously, it's like paying for a hooker and watching her hump a pillow all night. Hey, nice show, but when's the fucking start?

That's the point, though, innit? To actually legislate, to actually come up with solutions to the deep, deep problems that afflict this country, which, one should always be reminded, were caused by Republican rule in the first half of the last decade, would mean making decisions that will piss off the teabagging yahoos. Or, if you're gonna please the yahoos, you're gonna end up displeasing your corporate masters and no one wants that teat to go dry. So, with budget cuts, with whatever lame-ass, watered down, and/or outright destructive "reform" they shit out, the Republican leadership still has to figure out how to work it so the money people are pleased and the yahoos think they are.

For now, the majority is behaving like louche, fin-de-siecle expats in Paris, sipping absinthe and jabbering endlessly about the phantasmagorical illusions that dance in front of them, seemingly real, but just out of reach, shitting themselves in opiate-fueled reverie and calling it meaningful decadence.

Yes, yes, Rep. Peter King of New York, chair of the House Homeland Security committee, indeed, hold those hearings on the "radicalization" of Muslims in the United States. Certainly, King will pretend to give a fair hearing to all points of view, including ones that don't live up to the conclusion that King has already reached. King was also upset that an announcement of an upcoming event on "FBI Raids and Grand Jury Subpoenas: Know Your Rights and Defend Our Communities" was listed on a Council on American-Islamic Relations website with the graphic of an old poster that read, "Build a wall of resistance. Don't talk to the FBI."

Gee, why should Muslims worry about such things when the very active showmen and women of the new Congress are talking about having hearings into very important topics like the threat of Sharia law taking over the United States? If you don't cooperate, you must be a terrorist.

How many millions and millions of dollars are Republicans wasting on this imitation of action? Probably more than enough to offset Speaker John Boehner's grand and minuscule gesture of cutting the operating budget of Congress. But, then, if one isn't wasting one's time Googling for nutzoids who think a new caliphate is imminent, one might actually have to do some fucking work.