A New Play by the Rude Pundit and More (Including Today's Stephanie Miller Show):
Big things are afoot at rude central.
1. There's a Rude Pundit book coming. More on that soon.

2. A new play written and directed by the Rude Pundit will be performed at the New York International Fringe Festival in August 2010. It's a real play called Heterosexuals, and here's the blurb: "A man and a woman enter an apartment and make sexual small talk. Then the woman invites the man to touch her. And we’re off into a brutal, obscene comedy about how much we just want to fuck."

So there's a little fundraising going on to support the show - money for registration, advertising, and sets. Here's the deal: contribute down there or over on the side...

For every donation of $50, you get one ticket for the show. Just make sure your email address is included in the donation form. And any donation amount is not just acceptable; it's awesome. (No, tickets don't cost $50. But it's sort of like how you get a $20 subscription to The New Yorker or some damn book when you give $8000 to NPR.)

Back in 2005, the Rude Pundit's one-man show sold out before it opened. Here's a chance to make sure you have your seat for this brand new play.

3. The Rude Pundit was interviewed for a profile in the New Orleans weekly paper Gambit. Thanks to Kevin Allman for the cool article.

4. On today's Stephanie Miller Show, the Rude Pundit declared a robot war:

5. You really want to subscribe to the Rude Pundit's podcast because he'll be back at the Bonnaroo Music Festival this year and recording the strange goings-on.