It's a Sad, Sad Situation, and It's Gettin' More and More Absurd:
Dude, only chicks say, "I'm sorry." Yup, there he was, our fearless leader, blank as a beagle stare with those too-narrow eyes that tell you the family's taken one too many laps around the patrician gene pool. He was on Arab television, completely misunderstanding the situation once again, failing once again in a relatively unscripted situation,able to use every "a" word he remembered from the Big Book of Vocab'lery, including "abhorrent" and "appalling," but somehow, someone scratched "apologize" out. Nope, that was left to Condi, and then, in the stupidest fucking exchange possible, Scott McClellan apologized for the President, seemingly dismissing the notion that it might seem more sincere coming from Bush himself.

Ya know, "sorry for the sodomizin'" might seem small in context. Indeed, at this point, Bush apologizing would just be an empty gesture from an empty man. It's like back in high school when, after the football team has run a train on a passed out cheerleader at the victory party, they get the water boy to tell the victim that the team sincerely regrets any harm all that fucking might have done. It's nice to hear the words, but it doesn't make the bruises go away. Really, the only thing that makes sense at this point is to stand before Congress with the head of Donald Rumsfeld on a platter as an offering to appease the public. Even Lou Dobbs is aware of the damage, as he said on CNN yesterday: "An apology is in order to the Iraqis and the 130,000 men and women who serve this country in Iraq.

Instead, though, we get the reactionary bloviators ready to head to Iraq and fuck some Sunni ass themselves:
Take Bill O'Reilly, who really does need to be sodomized with a microphone. First, a week ago, when the torture pictures broke on CBS, O'Reilly got his face into a red-splotchy uproar by suggesting that CBS was actually harming America by putting the photos out there: "So 17 fools exposed by CBS News have damaged America's reputation worldwide," he actually said. And then, last night, in his daily flatulence known as "Talking Points Memo," he uses the torture photos as a way to beat up on France some more. Really. Why? Because France would dare question the motivations of the U.S. Goddamn, how many times does this jack-off have to be wrong without consequences before someone actually drags his sorry, saggy ass out of his cushiony chair and subjects him to hours upon hours of his own stinking, screaming breath of hate before he's shrieking for mercy and curled up fetal under Roger Ailes' desk, begging for morphine to put him into a coma because he can't take the hideous visage of his viscous, vacuous vileness.

Take Rush Limbaugh, who barrels on through his life without shame or regret and who, really, needs to be force-fed his own liposuctioned fat. On his "show" a couple of days ago, Limbaugh continued the myth of the "fraternity prank" torture. He actually said, "We're going to ruin people's lives over it and we're going to hamper our military effort, and then we are going to really hammer them because they had a good time . . . I'm talking about people having a good time, these people, you ever heard of emotional release? You of heard of need to blow some steam off?" Other than the truly frightening thought of a nude Rush Limbaugh, tiny cock a-shivering, dragged around on a leash and being "forced" to fellate another naked guy, let's just state the obvious: Limbaugh does not think of Iraqis as full human beings. And ya gotta wonder how many of his listeners and others on the right feel the same way.

Because Bush took the same approach, speaking to the Arab world as if it was filled with simpletons and subhumans who can't fathom the complexities of Western goodwill. On Alhurra Television, Bush said no less than four times that "the Iraqi people must understand" (or some variation of it). It was the mantra of his brief interview. But isn't the real point that they do understand? And that the Bushkoviks don't like the fact that the Iraqi people understand all too well what's happening to them?