Note to Anxious Progressive Democrats in Congress: Take the Deal (And Then Fuck Up the Party)

Let's be clear that Democratic Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are corporate-owned, preening shitmongers who deserve every bit of rage and condemnation that has come their way. Sinema, in particular, is just a fucking garbage heap made of crass ambition and inhuman levels of egotism, gloatingly pretending to float above it all, including her own voters. Fuck both of them, but fuck her especially. But, still, fuck both of them. Fuck them for watering down the already watered down $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill (that progressives originally wanted to be $6 trillion), fuck them for threatening to wreck President Joe Biden and the Democrats' agenda, the very thing that got them to win both houses of Congress and the presidency. 

I wanna add an extra special "fuck them" for the way in which their bullshit demands and tactical games have delayed the passage of a reconciliation bill for months. Remember: The Build Back Better bill was originally supposed to be one big three-part package that included COVID relief (the passed American Rescue Plan) and infrastructure (the negotiated American Jobs Plan). Without Manchin, Sinema, and moderate Democrats in the House (who Nancy Pelosi reamed into compliance) interfering, this all could have been done in the summer. 

What the delay in passage means is that there's a delay in implementing the genuinely paradigm-shifting aspects of the bill, which, of course, were much greater back then. And the delay in implementation means a delay in the very real people affected by the bill seeing their lives improved by its very real benefits. And that delay can have an effect in the perception of the bill and the Democrats come the 2022 midterms. 

That's why I'm saying that progressive Democrats should vote for whatever bastardized, moderated-to-an-inch-of-its-sad-life version of the reconciliation bill comes out of finally bringing Manchin and Sinema the orgasmic release they obviously desire. Yes, it's criminal to reduce in any way efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change. Yes, it's fucked beyond fucked that massively popular measures like prescription drug price negotiation or paid family leave or expanded Medicare benefits are being bargained down or out. All of that is so fucking true. It is like eating a shit sandwich with a piss shake.

Progressives need to suck it all up and vote for the goddamn bill because most of the things that will remain come from a progressive viewpoint on the role of government. We need to be able to show voters that the federal government can actually act to improve their lives. That's how this is supposed to work. If you do shit for people and they can tell that you've done shit for them, then maybe they'll connect you with the shit you've done and vote for you. (Of course, you have to make sure they know you did that shit. See the Affordable Care Act.) We're obviously not talking about MAGA voters here suddenly turning Democratic because they actually can intellectually connect Biden with the $300 a month they're getting to help them raise their families. No, we're talking about motivating Democratic voters and, especially, those "independents" who don't normally vote in midterms to get off their asses and vote.

I fucking hate saying all this. But I've got two other reasons why:

First, there's the looming threat of a Republican takeover of the House and, perhaps, the Senate. If that happens, 2024 is going to be a fucktastrophe, on top of nothing getting done except endless investigations of Hunter Biden and fake voter fraud. It will be MAGA up your asshole for years.

Second, if something gets passed, then it's time for progressive and liberal Democrats to parlay that into electoral strength. "Oh, you like 4 weeks of paid maternity leave at 85% of your pay? How about 12 week at 100%?" we can say. You can make the case that bigger benefits are possible with a bigger majority. Don't be stupid about it: no Democrat is going to win in Marjorie Taylor Greene's district. And, in West Virginia, Joe Manchin's about all we've got. But, fuck yeah, we can go after Sinema's seat. Democrats in Arizona are fucking pissed at her. And, yeah, we can challenge in Pennsylvania, Nevada, perhaps Texas, and other places. 

Of course, that would likely also require voting rights legislation to stop GOP election-fixing. And fucking away we go again.

The end part of the vote is a chance to fuck up the Democratic Party, to build progressive numbers and possibly vote out the moderates who keep strangling even the minimal programs that this country needs. Unfortunately, that starts with taking the goddamn deal.

Update: The actual proposal contains no family leave, which is some bullshit. But the premise here still stands: Vote. Get something. Campaign on getting more.