Guest Post: The Four Politicians Who Really Need to Go Back to Where They Came From (Part 1)

(Another post from the Rude Pundit's designated millennial guest blogger, R. Sharp. His views do not necessarily reflect the views of all millennials because that would be fucking dumb.)

So, two weeks ago that bloated, white supremacist  king of idiots told four congresswomen of color - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib - to go back to where they came from and accused them of hating their own country. Not surprising whatsoever considering President Dipshit has been plunging America into the kind of stink-filled swamp he said he would drain in the first place. I’m not even fazed by whatever atrocious thing he says or does. Everything just provides extra motivation for me to vote him and all of his taint-licking enablers out in 2020. Not only has this been the most ineffective and cruel administration in modern American politics, it’s also boasted an impressive collection of morons. It takes a special kind of mental deficiency to tell four Congresswoman to go back to where they came from when three of them were born in the fucking United States and one is a naturalized citizen. Much like that play-wife Melania.

Here are the first two of four people who actually hate what America stands for.

First, of course, there's Trump. The grotesque orange monster doesn’t care about anybody except for himself (and Ivanka, but only after she’s done lubing his cashew dick to a shine). He relishes pulling America down into this divisive shit storm, because it distracts us from what’s really going on. Think about it: he attacks Amazon and other companies as their stock drowns. Here's my theory: He starts a trade war with China and the market falls. In the background, he has his shills buy up stock for him. He changes his mind, market shares rise again, and there you have it. He’s supposedly made billions. All he cares about is money, but we live in a capitalist dystopia now and things like this should just be expected. Frankly, that just scratches the surface of his hatred for America.

What ticks me off about him and his goddamned Republican henchman is that they pay excessive lip service to the integrity of our democracy. But, they’ve taken every active step to chip away at it. From election security to voter suppression, Republicans have known for a long time they can’t win the popular vote. They need the Electoral College or the Supreme Court, or to enlist aid from a hostile foreign government. Republicans will stop at nothing to ensure that their enraged clementine will remain in power. America was built on the idea that we didn’t bow down to kings and dictators who employ these exact tactics to weaken the foundations of our democracy. Trump is by far the most un-American president we’ve ever had. He will drag this country into oblivion as long as he can see dollar signs at the end.

Obviously, Mitch McConnell is by far the most damaging member of the Republican-controlled Senate that’s been reaming our asses since 2011. He recently said that he’d be delighted to be called the “grim reaper for progressive policies,” which include such Communist nightmares like addressing climate change, ensuring millions have adequate healthcare, and making the top 1% pay their fair share of taxes. What he’s basically saying is, “As long as I’m taken care of, I could give two shits about the rest of you plebes. Now please, keep voting for me and my horrible motherfuckers.” If ensuring the peace of mind of lobbyists and politicians while casting the public aside isn’t awful enough, there's his whiny bitch approach to Russian election interference.

Moscow Mitch doesn’t like when he gets called out for being a Russian asset. We know that President Obama approached Comrade McConnell in 2016 and wanted to launch a bi-partisan rebuke against potential Russian election interference. Mitch curled up into his shell and refused to do such a thing. God forbid the Senate Majority Leader ensure our democracy remains strong and secure. Hell, there were Senate elections involved. I mean it’s not like he took an oath to “defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” or anything, right? Moscow Mitch is a liar and a traitor. He would gladly hand his balls over to Putin to ensure Trump a second term. 

(Tomorrow: The other two Republicans who can get the fuck out of here.)