The Haiku Review of 2017, Part 2: Call Me By Your Haiku

Yesterday, I put out the call for rude readers to submit their summary of 2017 in tender little haiku form. And, holy shit, as you have every year, you delivered, with over 100 submissions so far from coasts left and right, from Trump country and foreign countries. Here are some of the best.

(Quick note: The overwhelming number of entries were about Donald Trump. It's quite the comment on how much of our psychic space he has devoured that we can barely see beyond his orange mane and jibbering jowls.)

From Laurie Moore:

This just summed it up
That pig, throwing paper towels
Like a game show host

From Douglas R:

No more white people
I am a white person, too
And I say no more

From L.B. from NYC

Arrogance Personified

Gorsuch on the Court:
Scalia with better hair.
Just as nasty, tho.

From Sarah from Seattle:

Cuyahoga Burns
Again! Let's throw Scott Pruitt
in! He can swim, right?

From Jeff in Oregon:

Good people don’t toke
Says the Keebler elf asshat
Dude needs a bong rip

From Bob from Minnesota:

Mnuchin is a
two hundred pound bag of crap
dressed in a nice suit.

From Doug in Oakland:

Black women showed up
Again like they always do
It worked so thank you

From AxshinJaxn in a red part of Illinois:

“Fine folks on both sides…”,
Charlottesville revealed Trump’s id;
A racist affirmed.

From Thomas from Indy:

His rep precedes him.
Still, they suck his flaccid junk
all the way to hell.

From Lorenzo from Cranston, RI:

Kellyanne Conway
her facile lying shitshow
creeps me the fuck out

From Susan in Shrub-steppe-istan:

He is on the green,
again, cheating game, stirring
up rage in the world.

From me:


Mary Richards did
Her job well and stayed single
A woman in full.

Jammin' Me

Petty and Allman,
Guitars wailing, voices strained,
Show God how to rock.

Blueberry Cloud

Fats and Chuck, gliding
Through their walkin', talkin' tunes,
Show God how to roll

Keep 'em coming. You can send all haiku (legit ones, 5-7-5) to "rudepundit(at)yahoo(dot)com." More tomorrow.