In Brief: Things People on Fox "News" Called Obama "Unpresidential" For

Just for shits and giggles, as the many Trump taint-sniffers at Fox "news" attempt to justify nearly every deranged tweet from the Shitheel in Chief, I decided to take a look-see at the old transcripts from the real FNN. Shockingly, in that it wasn't shocking at all, the syphilitic whores over on Fox took umbrage at anything President Obama did.

For instance, when Obama said that Latinos needed to vote in their interests in the 2010 midterm election, Stuart Varney offered, "It is unpresidential, it's highly divisive." So encouraging people to vote? Unpresidential.

A Fox panel in September 2009 had a discussion about when President Obama called Kanye West a "jackass." Posited host Jon Scott, "If the most powerful man in the world says something unpresidential on a live mic, is that news or not?" Likewise, Brian Kilmeade asked about a 2010 Obama appearance on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show, "Do you think this is unpresidential?" This all seems so very quaint now, doesn't it?

Back when Greta Van Susteren had a job and it was at Fox, she took Obama to task for some mild criticism of her employer by President Obama: "I don't think that a president should ever look unpresidential and get into a food fight." She had then-Republican House Whip Eric Cantor on to declare that this was beyond the pale. Of course, in the same October 2009 segment, talking about the possiblity of Obama going on a certain Fox show, Van Susteren said, laughably, "You know, not in a million years do I think Sean Hannity would be disrespectful."

And, finally, because time is a flat circle, here is motherfuckin' Kellyanne Conway on Hannity's Hategasm Jizzorama: "I always find it to be so undignified and so unpresidential for President Obama to pick on what he considers to be right-wing media. You're the president of the United States. Go destroy ISIS and get millions of women out of extreme poverty, please. That's your day job." When did she say that? A little over a year ago. June 3, 2016. And she still hasn't burst into flames from the methane of her own bullshit.

This is not to mention the tan suit, that time Common performed at the White House, Obama's feet on the desk, the Dijon mustard (no really), the golfing, fer fuck's sake, and every other time racist mountains were made out of racist molehills. Meanwhile, as far as Fox is concerned now, with a few exceptions, like Shepard Smith and the occasional surge of integrity from Chris Wallace, Donald Trump is just about a model for being presidential and should be treated with the utmost respect, deference, and lovingly-lapped analingus.

(Bonus fun: You know how everyone was all a-Twitter over former Bush White House communications director Nicolle Wallace for ripping into Trump for his treatment of women? Here's what she told Hannity in 2010 about Obama: "He never sides with the American people.")