Hillary Clinton Is Running for President, Too

While we are all mesmerized by watching the ongoing train crash into a dumpster fire on top of a mountain of shit that is the Donald Trump campaign, we seem to be missing any coverage at all of what's been going on with Trump's opponent, Hillary Clinton, aka "The Evilest Harpy Ever to Swoop from the Heavens to Devour Our Children and Our Testicles" or whatever right-wing media and Trump are calling her now.

Believe it or not, she has a campaign, too. I know. Hard to believe. And things happen with it that have nothing to do with love emails to ISIS or the Clinton Foundation digging a tunnel right to the State Department's door or whatever we're supposed to believe now. And some of those things happened just in this last week or so of watching Trump dance the merengue on the dreams of immigrants.

For instance, Clinton proposed a "Comprehensive Agenda on Mental Health," something you'd think Donald Trump's family would want him to get in on. A chunk of it already has bipartisan support in that the GOP-controlled House passed some of what she is proposing. Her full plan is incredibly detailed, with projected costs included, in a way that you'd never see on that other guy's website for his idiot hordes. It's smart and insightful, and it has real reform and compassion behind it. So no one gives a shit. If she had said, "Lock up the calm nuts and shoot the criminal ones in the streets like they're rabid dogs," the media would have been all over it, discussing the merits of such an extreme action.

Clinton also proposed a public health fund for things like the Zika outbreak. Yeah, "Rapid Response Fund" isn't as glamorous as "big, beautiful wall," but, you know, probably a great deal more useful.

She was also recently endorsed by the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, which has never endorsed a candidate in its 15 year existence. Oh, and the Teamsters endorsed her last week, making it the final of the 5 biggest unions in the United States to do so, none of which seem to be bothered by email bullshit or faux Foundation shenanigans. Or even Benghazi.

Yeah, in a normal campaign, where we actually treated the candidates in a normal way, we'd have a discussion about some of these things and their implications should Clinton become president.

But when one thing sucks up all the oxygen in the room, the rest of us suffocate.

(Aside: Your hatred of Clinton is noted and scornfully dismissed with "Well, then lick Trump's balls." Feel free to say I'm a shillary for Killary, if that's what gets you off.)