Friday Reacharound: Louisiana Residents Flock to Medicaid Expansion

The Rude Pundit is taking a little personal time today, so no diving into Hillary Clinton's castration of Donald Trump, which left him a sweaty, frantic, moaning, nutless mess at his rally yesterday. And also no time today to say to any protesters who hit or egged Trump supporters, "Don't be fucking dickheads."

Instead, let's go into the weekend by recognizing a little bit of good news.

Down in the Rude Pundit's GOP-fucked home state of Louisiana, signups started Wednesday for the Medicaid expansion signed into existence by new Governor John Bel Edwards, a Democrat, in January. By the end of that first day, more than 175,000 people had enrolled. 

That's nearly half of all the newly-eligible citizens of the generally backwards-ass state, and it's a goddamn triumph for the forces of decency over the fuckery of the cruel. And it's a reminder of how much work is needed to make life a little better for people who need their government to have their backs.