Your State Sucks: Missouri Legislature Busy Debating Laws to Shut Down Its One Abortion Provider

Your State Sucks: Missouri Legislature Busy Debating Laws to Shut Down Its One Abortion Provider:
Thanks to constant terrorism both violent and legislative, Missouri, a state of 6 million people, has a single provider of surgical abortion services, Planned Parenthood of St. Louis. Its employees and patients are subject to near constant harassment by the dumbass religious zealots of Missouri. Seriously, these inbred motherfuckers are getting ready to protest the hospital that gives admitting privileges to the doctors who work at Planned Parenthood.

So, of course, the Missouri legislature is working to regulate the life out of that one Planned Parenthood (really, clinics that provide abortions should change their name to "Jesus Christ's House of Prayer and Medical Services," with a giant bloody Christ-on-the-cross in front, just to fuck with the protesters). So now there's 15 bills under consideration to restrict access for women in 32 different ways. Why? Let's let the appropriately named Republican Representative Stanley Cox respond: "I think there’s some concern that Missouri is not doing enough to protect life."

That's Stanley Cox, who has said that the state providing funding for family planning clinics is like giving liquor to an alcoholic, a comparison that makes no goddamn sense at all. Stanley Cox, who is as creepy-looking a son of a bitch as has ever been in office. Seriously, this dude and former Rep. Todd "Legitimate Rape" Akin must get together to mutually masturbate to photos of dead fetuses. By the way, is it even necessary to point out that Stanley Cox, who wants to "protect life," is a big supporter of the death penalty? Enjoy your Cox, Missouri.

Missouri legislators want to make the effort to get and perform abortions even more of a nightmare. For instance, the House voted that not only is the consent of one parent necessary for a minor to get an abortion, but that the other parent must be informed in writing five days before any procedure, with no exceptions for rape or incest because compassion is to Missouri Republicans what a lance is to a boil. Other restrictions being debated include a 72-hour waiting period for adults (since, obviously, the minors have a 120-hour one), forced watching of a video about abortion "risks," greater penalties for malpractice for doctors performing abortions, inspection of the facility four times a year, and, oh, so much more.

But don't you fucking accuse the politicians involved in this of playing politics. You will be shivved in public. At a House Health Policy Committee hearing yesterday on further restrictions for minors, including written consent for the procedure from a parent who must prove he/she is a parent and records kept on the minor's procedure for years, Rep. Keith Frederick, the chair, told legislators to disregard something Ryann Summerford, a Planned Parenthood advocate, said. Summerford, answering a question from Frederick, said that the new law was "meant to score political points." At that point, Frederick cut her off, told the other committee members to forget she mentioned politics, and insisted she answer why the law was bad. Summerford said, "I think pushing legislation to single out abortion providers is wrong." Frederick cut her off again and berated her until she answered a question with a "yes" or "no."

Could there be any more pathetically perfect image for this whole savage clusterfuck than a male lawmaker telling a woman to shut up and do what he wants?