The Re-Niggering of Barack Obama (2012 Version):
You know what comes through most in the proposal for a SuperPAC ad attacking the President, titled "The Defeat of Barack Hussein Obama: The Ricketts Plan to End His Spending for Good," is just how fucking pathetic billionaire Joe Ricketts is. Here he is, founder of TD Ameritrade, co-owner of the Chicago Cubs, and the biggest bison meat seller in the goddamn world, and he can't get over the fact that President Obama had a preacher who said mean things about America.

So he gets a pair of spoogebuckets who worked for the really, really successful campaign of Jon Huntsman to come up with a way to take Obama apart because "the metrosexual black Abe Lincoln has emerged as a hyper-partisan, hyper-liberal, elitist politician with more than a bit of the trimmer in him." First off, it's pretty friggin' hypocritical to call someone "elitist" while at the same time using a British term for "hypocrite" (unless "trimmer" means, what? Pimp? One who trims?).

While they admit that people still "like" the President, they want to sow doubt about his abilities and about who he is. See, apparently, this brain trust, which couldn't make Jon Huntsman electable with three hot daughters hanging off his dick, has decided to "reach into [the independent voter's] gut to dramatically reconfirm and increase the unease he has over Obama's incompetence" and other shit. And how do these rich cockmongers wish to do it? As the "advertising plan" says, "Enter the Reverend Wright."

Yes, yes, that's right. It's time to drag out Angry Black Preacher, Mr. Goddamn America himself, and tell everyone what John McCain was too much of a pussy to say: How can you trust a nigger who hangs out with niggers like this? Or, as they put it in cock-speak: "It's a phenomenally powerful argument that's never been properly exploited."

Do you think it's racist that they try to make you feel weird about Obama by running an ad that has video of Wright saying his infamous line twice in a row (which is in their storyboard)?

Oh, they've covered that: "The instant response liberals give to any attack is to deem the attack as racist." To mitigate this response they're gonna focus group the shit out of it and get black business leaders involved. And they're not at all racist in saying, "include an extremely literate, conservative African American in our spokesman group." Luckily, there's a literate black guy available, although who knows how they found one. It's race traitor Larry Elder, who will be paid $25,000 for two weeks work. That would be for all his literacy.

The campaign is not just about Wright, but it uses Wright as the explanation for why they say that the President has failed. See, he could never have succeeded in the first place because, well, because he's not the right kind of black man. The script reads, "He was taught for years that America WAS the problem, so how could he ever believe that America was the solution?"

As for black Lincoln himself, the storyboard uses a photo of him described as "looking slick and cocky." Jesus, just say, "Uppity." It's what you mean. Or when they describe Obama as "bowing, begging, kneeling, and apologizing for America," how is that not a Stepin Fetchit image? They have to do this because, at the end of the day, no matter how many supposedly rational policy charges they make against the President, all they really have to run against is the niggered image of Obama from a funnyhouse mirror that they created.

This is what we have to look forward to from the SuperPAC campaign ahead. It's gonna be so fucking brutal that it'll make 2004 look like a polite kerfuffle. Tell you what, though: If this ad ever gets made, and if it's effective in turning people against the President, this country is lost beyond lost.