Republicans Believe Something Except When They Don't (or Why Mitt Romney Is Their Perfect Candidate):
So, let's just get this right, dear, sweet GOP:

Here's Republican Senator Jon Kyl of the awful state of Arizona on September 8, 2011, talking about President Obama's jobs bill: "Faced with the reality of historic unemployment rates and record federal debt, I had hoped that President Obama, by now, would understand that even more government spending doesn't create jobs."

And here's Republican Senator Jon Kyl of the idiotic state of Arizona on September 13, 2011, at a hearing about potential cuts in the defense budget if the Superduper Committee of Congressional Superfriends fails (as it will): "[W]ith defense, for example, you’ve got high unemployment of returning veterans to begin with. You have reduction in end strength. You’ve got more people potentially unemployed. You got people making radios and building ships and so on. And if those cuts, therefore, end up reducing the employment in those industries and the amount of money spent in those areas, obviously it could delay economic recovery."

You see what happened there? In case you've got brain damage or are from Arizona, let's make it perfectly clear: Republican Senator Jon Kyl of the fucktarded state of Arizona said that government spending doesn't create jobs but that if you cut government spending, you'll lose jobs. Or, in other words, government spending creates jobs.

How fucked up does a group of people have to be to think that they have anything like an "ideology"? How fucked up do voters have to be to keep putting these grifters and grafters into office? So infrastructure spending doesn't create jobs but bomber manufacturing does. How is one different than the other? Oh, right. One creates things that give Republicans raging erections. The other spending just makes things that are fucking useful and necessary.

Of course, this kind of rank hypocrisy ain't surprising in any way, shape, or form. How many examples can you come up with off the top of your head? Family values Republicans who fuck male prostitutes? Bill Clinton and Anthony Weiner need to be condemned, but Clarence Thomas and Herman Cain are cool? Howzabout another one that doesn't directly involve sex:

Another worthless thing that makes the yahoo voters slaver is when Republicans assert that "government regulations" are killing jobs, so we need to gut EPA rules and anything else that might be, you know, for the safety and health of the workers. It's a lie, a lie that anyone honest will actually tell you is a lie. (No, really: the Rude Pundit asks friends of his that are small business owners this all the time. Just last week, when he put the question of the burden of regulations to an entrepreneur pal, she just stared at him and said, "No, what's hurting my business is that people need jobs to pay for things." This shit is really that cut and dried.)

However, when it comes to something the GOP hates, workplace safety regulations are the tits, man. For what are Republican legislatures in Kansas, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere attempting to do? Shut down family planning clinics where abortions are performed. Their tool? Motherfuckin' government regulations.

Yep, by holding them to a whole new batch of new regulations, the clinics in these states will either close or give up performing abortions. And many jobs will be lost, specifically and by design. And women in those states will have unwanted children, many of which will end up being supported by government spending. And some women will have illegal abortions, which will end up in them needing further medical care, much of it paid for by the state.

Oh, wait. Actually, it's very clever. Republicans are demonstrating just how burdensome regulations by making them as onerous as possible and creating havoc just to prove a point. Or they're just dicks angling for votes in the piranha pool of the extreme right wing.

Today, Erick "Erick" Erickson writes, in the blog RedState (motto: "The reason why that blobby fuck appears on your CNN") that the inevitable nomination of serial flip-flopper Mitt Romney will destroy everything sacred about conservatism. Two things: Romney actually represents the craven, amoral, opportunistic GOP better than just about anyone else, so, of course, he should be the nominee. And there is nothing left to destroy in conservatism. It's been hollowed out from the inside by parasites like Romney and Erickson.