In Brief: Why Bill O'Reilly Ought To Be Sodomized With a Rasmussen Poll:
Bill O'Reilly, a man who can twist a fact like a high-priced hooker with a cherry stem in her mouth, in his Talking Points section of his Fox "News" show claimed that a new Rasmussen poll on whether or not America is "fair and decent" is evidence that "secular progressives" or "S.P.'s" are not taking prisoners in the culture war. Pointing out that the poll says that 61% of Americans believe the nation is fair while 30% believe it's discriminatory, O'Reilly leaps like a one-eyed weasel in heat on the numbers that show that 44% of Democrats go with fair while the same percentage say not so fair.

O'Reilly, though, changes "fair" and "unfair" to "good" and "bad," which, of course, was not what the poll was asking. Barfs O'Reilly, "[These] people are hell-bent on changing the USA into a secular nation along the lines of France and Holland. They believe in income redistribution, run by a huge federal colossus in Washington and one-world approach to problem solving." For most of us, such running jumps of logic would be called "crazy." It's not unlike saying that if your producer laughs at one of your dirty jokes, you have free reign to call her up in the middle of the night and talk about how you wanna fuck her in the shower.

The great falafeled one says that he "has seen the secular progressive movement gain a lot of ground in America and this new poll proves it. Dismiss the S.P.s at your peril." Oh, another time, another time the Rude Pundit will get into the whole nutzoid "S.P." demonization - which is really about O'Reilly selling his fucking crappy books (really - try reading Culture Warrior - it's not unlike scraping the inside of your skull with a cheese grater), but for now let's just say that O'Reilly leaves out something that Rasumussen itself says about the poll: "Those numbers are little changed from a survey conducted immediately following Election 2004."

Yep, the "gain" of the "S.P's" is little more than an illusion, margin of error hoodoo. See, back in 2004, Rasmussen did the same poll. That one showed that 62% of Americans thought the nation was "fair." As did 46% of Democrats. With a margin of error of plus or minus 3 points. Oh, yeah. The biggest drop in the number of Americans who think America is fair? Back in 2004, 80% of Republicans rode the fair train. Now, in the poll O'Reilly cites to prove how nasty "S.P.'s" are running rampant in America because of a couple of percentage point differences, 77% say the nation is fair and decent.

But you gotta guess that more than a few Republicans don't think things are very fair right now for them.