Two Years of Rude Punditry:
Officially, yesterday marked two years that the Rude Pundit has delved into the dark psyches of the perverted, debauched American right wing, and, like every serial killer profiler, it takes inhuman amounts of vodka and scrips to tamp down the desire to stand on a rooftop in the rain and scream at an absent God that it's all fucked up and why doesn't he come down here and fight like a man.

But this post won't be about navel-gazing and cock-wanking. No, if you wanna make a happy trip down memory lane, you can see the Archives over there on the right and click away.

Instead, let's look ahead. There's gonna be some changes in the next week on this page. The Russian mafia has finally caught up with the Rude Pundit for that unfortunate poker game in Vladivostok a few years ago, and, since he can only lose so many fingers before typing is impossible, the Rude Pundit is going to start having advertising through BlogAds. Also, as you may or may not have noticed, he's placed that little ol' donation button in a prominent place on the page. Click that fucker.

And let's have a little party, since two years in Blogsylvania is like ten dog years. The Rude Pundit will entertain questions political, personal, blog-related, rude or polite, for the weekend, answering them on Monday (barring another indictment of a major Republican figure or John Roberts celebrating his confirmation as Chief Justice by fucking the Dominican pool boy). Send your questions to rudepundit@yahoo.com

Also looking ahead, the Rude Pundit is definitely recording a CD of material from the live show, as well as original tracks. That'll be out in time for your Christmas stockings to be stuffed. And he's looking to schedule more performances of "The Year of Living Rudely."

Yeah, it's another busy day in America, as we stand on the precipice of some kind of tragic fall for the Bush administration the likes of which would make Oedipus blink his bloody eyeholes and say, "Goddamn, that's gotta hurt." With DeLay indicted, Frist investigated, Miller testifying (which has gotta make Rove's sphincter hurt in anticipation), Bush drinkin', and Cheney's health sinking faster than a rowboat that's been swamped by a barge, there's a feeling out there that something's gotta give. You can see it in the whirling eyes of Ann Coulter, Bill O'Reilly, and Bob Novak, so desperate and out of control that they seem like they're trying to eat their own shit. The question remains, of course, will any of it bring the soldiers home? Change environmental policy? Tax policy? Will any of it do anything more than get rid of a symptom while the disease decays us from the inside?

We'll see where we stand a year from now.