Burning Down the House:
Here's the thing about the Bush administration's tactic of grabbing the Senate Intelligence Committee report and dancing around with it like Walter Huston over a gold claim: it is, like so many aspects of Bush's life, crass, opportunistic, and ultimately short-sighted. The report ain't exoneration, but the Bushkoviks are spinning it like it is because, you know, after they tell us it wasn't their fault, anyone who says it is is just "playin' politics." But, like, if at no point Bush is willing to say, "Ummm, I fucked it up" and take his spanking, he will have destroyed America's and the world's faith in our intelligence gathering.

But Bush doesn't give a shit. He's a steamroller, baby, ready to destroy the country, leave a killing field of skulls in his wake, in his monomaniacal attempt to cling to power. We're just gettin' started here, gang, and our motherfucker of a President isn't above trotting out the corpse of a 9/11 victim and using it as a puppet, making it say, "Remember meeeee." And he sure as shit ain't above telling the world, "American intelligence is bullshit, only I am right, now lick my fuckin' cowboy boots." In other words, Bush will burn down the house rather than put in a new foundation.

Bush has admitted error, but only in saying that, given a choice, he would err on the side of "protecting the American people." Of course, that's mighty high-falutin' and noble talk for killing tens of thousands of Iraqis, wiping out nearly a thousand American troops, and injuring another ten thousand.