About the Rude Pundit

The Rude Pundit doesn’t want advertising dollars. He doesn’t want to owe you jack shit. He’ll probably turn on you like a vicious beast some day.

Disclaimer: Our labels and titles are rhetorical. Just because the Rude Pundit calls someone a "motherfucker" does not mean that he has firsthand knowledge that that person fucks his or her mother. Additionally, simply labeling someone a "cocksucker" does not imply any knowledge that the person sucked any cock. Should that person by chance suck cocks for pleasure or profit, it is purely coincidental. By the same token, a "cuntface" does not literally have a cunt replacing his or her face. The Rude Pundit thinks the word "cuntface" is funny because the implication is of being fucked in the face. However, Ann Coulter is just a cunt.

The Rude Pundit abhors actual violence. He does not wish anyone to be physically harmed by anything said here. Although he may profess to want Bill O’Reilly to have his leg cut off and fucked with his own femur, it is a rhetorical flourish, like muttering to yourself and everyone in your car that you will "kick some ass" of the next driver who cuts you off. Indeed, even if you were to get into a fight, chances are you would not be kicking an ass but punching a face.

All pussies, though, are pussies.