15 Years of Rudeness: What the Hell Is Wrong With Me?

Today marks one hell of a milestone/millstone. It's been 15 years since the first post here at the Rude Pundit. And, sadly, except for a few words that I used to say with regularity that are not worth the trouble to say (often), not much has changed.

Oh, we had a good run there for a couple of years, but the same fuckers in charge are still in charge (and I mean that literally in some cases). The same Fox "news" template still runs the media narrative (aided and abetted by its devolved offspring like Breitbart and nutzoid message boards).  The same battles over race and sex and sexuality and abortion and health care are still going on.

And, while some of us asshole bloggers have gone on to bigger and better things (looking at you, Ezra Klein and Joy Reid), a good many of us are still asshole bloggers, raging in hopes of causing the dying of the right. We can't stop, people like me and Digby and Atrios and Driftglass and Emptywheel and so many others. That is our curse, while our blessing is our readers, new and old.

I'll have a bit more to say on Monday (along with a big plug for my Patreon).

And while I'm not doing a big fundraiser this year, hey, if you wanna toss some change into the ol' tip jar, I won't stop ya. You can click here or over there on the side.

Onward, and, dear sweet fuckin' Jesus, hopefully upward.