The Haiku Review of 2017: Atomic Haiku

The now-dead 2017 inspired more rage haiku than anyone should ever read. Like in the neighborhood of 250 entries. Great huge thanks for all the efforts. Even if you didn't get posted over these last few entries, your effort is not unappreciated. It's just not as appreciated as the ones that did get posted because, well, obviously.

From Kate from Albany, NY:

Global climate change,
Even if you don’t believe,
Will still kill your ass

From Kristen from Akron, NY:

Laugh to stop the tears
He can't even hold a glass
And he has the nukes

From Seattle Steamer:

Tender Broflakes rage
rage against the dying of
the right. Fuck all y'all.

From Don from Albuquerque:

Republican Voter

If you can only
Parrot mean, stupid, racists
Maybe they are you

From BB in LA:

Two different courts
Have now thrown out Judge Roy Moore:
state civil and food

From Rabbitearz:

On a tragic note
Erica Garner can't breathe
Another one down

From Beth in Alexandria, VA:

First time I heard it,
President Trump, felt like a
Punch in the stomach

From Bob from Minnesota:

Poor Puerto Rico
totally thought they were part
of the States, so screwed.

From Toby in Michigan:

America, will you
Wake up now? Will you not screw
The pooch once again?

From Jimmy in Kentucky:

I sign petitions
As this world gets scarier
Flailing at windmills

So let's bid farewell to that shitsack of a year and gird our loins for the 2018 fight to the death. No, literally, I think we'll be fighting for the actual life or death of our country.