Another Goddamn Podcast Has Arrived

A new phase of rudeness has begun with Another Goddamn Podcast (or AGD Podcast, if you're at a job with tight-asses). It's me telling stories and shooting the shit with funny, smart political comedy writers (some of whom happen to be performers, too).

In the first episode, I talk about why I understand Trump's desire to create chaos, and I drink and chat with Jo Miller, the Emmy-award winning writer and producer (and a pal for the last ten years). She worked on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, creating some of your favorite bits, like the Glenn Beck parody. And she was the co-creator and show runner for Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, a position she left a few months ago.

We talk about all that (sorry, no dirt or gossip), plus growing up in the South (she's from Georgia, I'm from Louisiana), the piss tape, the white working class, and more. It's kind of a big deal because this is Jo's first interview since leaving Full Frontal.  Here's a little taste.

Right now, the podcast is only available to subscribers on Patreon. While this episode is available to all Patreon donors, upcoming ones will be for those at $5 a month and up. After a couple of days, a shorter version will go up on iTunes and other podcast outlets for a limited time. Subscribers get the extended interviews and early access, as well as my eternal gratitude for helping make this possible. (Subscribers at the $1 and $3 level get extra Patreon-only posts.)

New episodes every two weeks. Join up and have something else to load onto your phone to listen to on the drive to work or while exercising or during sex, if that's your thing.