Haiku Review of 2016, Part 1

So far, I've gotten well over a hundred haiku from well over a hundred rude readers, and all I can say is "You motherfuckers really hate Donald Trump." Here are some of the best from the first batch, literally from sea to shining sea:

From Howdydostu in Las Vegas:

Fuck the rust belt states.
A black prez saved their asses.
Short memory fail!

From Ellroon:

Golden thrones won't fit
The White House has to stay white
Melania pouts

From RJ in San Jose:

Pence is … masculine.
His coif - like smooth Race Bannon.
But he’s no Putin.

From Manic Organica in Tampa:

Pissed-off Trump voters
Stupid fucks with loaded guns
Beer drinking shitlords.

From BB in L.A.:

You voted for Trump
but need your Obamacare?
You're deplorable!

From this blog's ol' pal, Radical Russ:

No, Twenty Sixteen,
Legalized marijuana
Doesn't absolve you

From Jeff in Woodbridge, VA, a simple sentiment we can all get behind:

Fuck Twenty Sixteen.
Seriously, fuck that shit.
Fuck Twenty Sixteen.

There will be more posted over the next few days as we say farewell to this bitch of a year. You can send your haiku to "rudepundit_at_yahoo(dot)com" and maybe yours will show up on the magic page.