If You Give a Racist a Candidate...:A Child's Guide to Understanding the Basket of Deplorables

If you give a racist a candidate, he'll think that it's okay to be a racist.

When he thinks it's okay to be racist, he'll openly say and write racist things. When he's finished, he'll start saying sexist things, too.

Then he'll go on Twitter and get angry at anyone who calls him racist. When he goes on Twitter, he'll notice that other people who like his candidate hate Jews, gays, and Muslims. So he'll probably start saying terrible things about them, too.

When he's finished tweeting and posting to message boards, he'll want to go to a rally for his candidate. He'll start yelling things there. He might even get carried away and yell things about shooting or deporting people he doesn't like. He may even end up taking a swing at someone who looks different from him as well!

When he's done, he'll probably demand that you take him seriously. You'll have to watch TV news people treat his beliefs like they're just fine. He'll crawl into your head and want you to think you're a bigot for disliking his bigotry. He'll probably ask you to apologize for saying mean things about him, like calling his deplorable views "deplorable." So you'll apologize a little just to shut him up, but he'll keep on being racist and sexist and xenophobic and homophobic.

When he's being racist and sexist and xenophobic and homophobic, he'll get so excited that he'll make t-shirts that say that his candidate's opponent is evil and a murderer and ugly and should probably be arrested or killed. He'll set up a website where he can sell those t-shirts, and he'll be so proud of his shirts that he'll sell them from tables at rallies for his candidate where other racists tell him how great he is. And he'll think it's okay to be racist.

And chances are if he thinks it's okay to be racist, he's going to want a candidate to vote for.