Flint Pastor Demonstrates That You Can Get Donald Trump to Shut the Fuck Up

If you haven't seen it yet, you should check out Donald Trump talking to a gathering of mostly black parishioners at the Bethel United Methodist Church in Flint, Michigan. Trump sounds like a nervous schoolboy or, more precisely, like a racist white guy who is being forced to talk to non-whites because it might make him look less racist. You watch and you wonder, "Is he gonna vomit? Is he gonna cry? Shit himself?" Because that's what it seems like he's gonna do.

The one moment he seems relaxed is when he reads off his printed out speech and starts to go after Hillary Clinton. Then, in a glorious move, the church's pastor, Rev. Faith Green Timmons, steps out to interrupt him and tell him, "Mr. Trump, I invited you here to thank us for what we’ve done in Flint, not give a political speech." The most amazing thing happens, a miracle, one might say, because Trump fumbles around, backtracks, skips the part about Clinton, and moves on to talking about Flint. He didn't have the balls to say to a black audience, "Your lives are shit. What the hell do you have to lose by voting for me to fuck you over?"

All over the nation, Americans who have been in gatherings for Trump have to be thinking, "Wait, wait, wait. You mean we can do that? We can just tell him to shut the fuck up? That's a thing?"

When others in the room started to yell out at Trump, throwing him even more off his weakened game, Timmons asked them to respect the Republican as a visitor. But she did put out a statement later that read, "Trump’s presence at Bethel United Methodist in no way represents an endorsement of his candidacy."

Timmons did in one respectful, firm, polite gesture what 16 Republican candidates and thousands of protesters couldn't. She cornered Trump and made his swagger disappear and shoved the con job up his ass.

At this point in this stupid, endless goddamned election, it's apparent that the nation needs black Americans to save it. Between polls that show Trump polling worse than bed bugs and Macklemore among African Americans, the actions today by Rev. Timmons, and Don't-give-a-fuck Obama in full swing on the campaign trail, it's good to know that at least a few Americans completely understand what Hillary Clinton meant about the voters who support Trump.

At least some Americans get that this election isn't a fantasy without any real-world consequences.