Hillary Clinton Praises Republicans for Hiding Their Racism Better Than Trump

Obviously, Republican presidential candidate and man most likely to be face-fucked by a confused badger Donald Trump is a craven racist, like every craven racist before him. It's so easy to be racist that it's a wonder that more people aren't. Annoyed by someone whose skin is a little off-pigment from yours? It must be because of that. See? No thinking required. Let your prejudices run wild and free and declare that it's "political correctness" gone amok that won't allow you to yell, "Nigger" in a crowded political rally.

In her speech yesterday in Reno, Nevada, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate and your rich great aunt, pretty much gave a Huffington Post-level rundown of everything that Trump has done to coddle white supremacists, demonize nonwhites and non-Judeo-Christians, promote nationalism, canoodle with psychopaths, and more. She tied Trump to the alt-right movement, the name of which is lipstick on a pig called "racism." Seriously, "alt-right"? More like "control-right," huh? Can I get a high-five?

Towards the end of the speech, Clinton veered into an appeal to Republicans to want candidates more like their previous nominees: "Twenty years ago when Bob Dole accepted the Republican nomination he pointed to the exits in the convention hall and told any racists in the party to get out. The week after 9/11, George W. Bush went to a mosque and declared for everyone to hear that 'Muslims love America just as much as I do.' In 2008, John McCain told his own supporters that they were wrong about the man he was trying to defeat. Senator McCain made sure they knew Barack Obama, he said, is 'an American citizen and a decent person.'"

Now, I'm not sure what Republican Party that Clinton is referring to. Would it be the party of Reagan, who lied about "welfare queens"? Would it be the party that used the Willie Horton ad with its scary black criminal on it to make voters run from Michael Dukakis? Would it be the party of Dole, who, like Clinton, talked about "superpredators" and was a big supporter of mass incarceration and welfare "reform"? Would it be the party of George W. Bush who, despite lip service on Muslim Americans, had Muslims tortured at Gitmo and elsewhere and started a war that ended up pitting Muslims against each other? Would it be the Republicans candidates who worked with campaign officials like Lee Atwater and Karl Rove, who would put out vicious, racist rumors, like saying in South Carolina that John McCain had an illegitimate black child? Would it be the party that nominated McCain, who made Sarah Palin his running mate, who heated up the whole "Obama is palling around with terrorists" rhetoric which McCain seemed to deplore, but it didn't stop him from telling supporters, "There are essential things we don't know about Sen. Obama," an obvious racist dog whistle for the growing, openly racist crowd in the GOP? Would it be the party of Mitt Romney, who had his own ludicrous plan for enforcing security on the Mexican border? Which group of motherfuckers and father-fellaters in the Republican Party are honorable?

Dole and McCain have said they support Trump. Clinton could have easily tied a concrete block of racism to the Republicans and shoved them into the river of history. Instead, she gave them a pass when the vast majority of the Republican agenda has been, for decades, as racist as just about anything the Trump has proposed. Trump is just not speaking in code. He's not asking for laws that appear like they aren't racist but, really, and, c'mon, are. He's just saying racist shit and loving that his crowds go along with however fucked-up it is.

Just like "alt-right" is a polite term for "fucking bigot," Clinton missed the opportunity to say that "Republican" is just another word for "racist" and that Trump is merely a more honest version of the awful white people the GOP has offered the country.

But, hey, on the plus side, it's better to drag these movements into the light of day, where we can see them for what they are.