Photos That Show President Obama Clearly Has Run Out of Fucks to Give

There will come a time in the not-too-distant future when people will wonder, "Why the fuck couldn't we travel to Cuba for all that time when we could go to China or Saudi Arabia or Tunisia or some former part of the Soviet Union or other?" And they'll be right to wonder because the stupidity and hypocrisy of American policy towards Cuba, while always nonsensical, moved into the realm of the existentially absurd sometime around 1990. But hawks will be hawks, and Cuba didn't provide us with precious oil or cheap products, like other nations that torture and imprison dissidents and suppress free speech. Oh, and fuck that fucker, Fidel Castro, for living so long.

So, yeah, that photo up there of President Obama with Che Guevara's head looming large in Havana's Revolution Square is gonna make the right raise the crazy to Derp Con Apology Tour, as they remind us that, yeah, Che wasn't such a cool dude after all (we know, gang, we know).

But that picture demonstrates once again that Obama no longer gives a fuck what you have to say. He is determined to put a stake in the heart of the vampiric past. "What we did for 50 years did not serve our interests or the interests of the Cuban people," he said at a press conference. But his lack of fucks extends to Raul Castro and the Cuban government, as he pressed Castro to cut the repression shit out. Calling out a dickhead tinpot dictator in public, to his face, is just icing on this fuckless cake.

Obama sees a future where we can let the final battle of the Cold War wither and die at last.