Hey, That's Fucked-Up (Part 2): Red State Advice for Mother's Day

What exactly is this rack implying at a Books-a-Million in south Louisiana? That the lovely daughter wants her lovely mother spanked and handcuffed? That she wishes Dad had coerced Mom into take contraception (yeah, that's in one of the 50 Shades books)? If you buy this for your mom, do you need to give her a riding crop and butt plug? Where's the daughter's other hand in the photo? Is she fingering her mother's twat? Look at Ma's smile. Yeah, she's totally fingering her mother's twat.

By the way, Books-a-Million is like Barnes and Noble's creepy, evangelical uncle. Christian, not just in a Grey way. Bondage and butt sex, sure, just not in a gay way.

Of course, perhaps it's more fucked-up to take the store's other suggestion for Mother's Day: