Flags and Valdosta State University: Fuck All Y'all

Fuck this guy:

Fuck Eric Sheppard not because he's walking on a flag in the middle of the campus of Valdosta State University in Georgia. Only an idiot or a ratings-mongering conservative would give a jolly rat's shit about that. Fuck him not even because his reason for walking on the flag is not police brutality or war or money in politics or anything that might make a guy want to walk on a flag. It's not because he did it because, as he said in a YouTube video, "That flag represents white supremacy racism which is plaguing the entire earth, so when we step on that flag we are stepping on racism, white supremacy. We are stepping on the things that were erected alongside our genocide and our holocaust."

Fuck him because while he was asserting his First Amendment rights in a public place by explaining his reasons for putting out a flag and walking on it, he said to people listening, "Ya'll can come in and listen if you're going to truly inquire and not try to interject while I am speaking." Step on all the flags you want, man, but don't be an egotistical asshole. And then, when someone else spoke in the distance, Sheppard told his audience, who might have been looking to see who that was, "I want ya'll focusing on me." Yeah, fuck him.

By the way, Sheppard is wanted by police for bringing a gun to campus. Will the NRA defend his Second Amendment rights?

By the way, the reason anyone even heard of this is because a female veteran, Michelle Manhart, stole the flag to try to stop the protest. Then she resisted arrest. Being white, she was not shot.

Still, even more so, fuck these idiots:

Those are the gathered fucknuts and attention whores who think they're "defending" the American flag. It's a "Flags Over VSU" event today, with supposedly a couple of thousand people, all with flags, all showing they love the Stars and Stripes, although you can bet nearly everyone of them has left little flags on their cars until they became filthy and ragged, worse than any stomping would do. VSU canceled classes because of the protest and fears of violence.

Most especially, though, fuck this guy:

Just because, man. Just because.