Paul Ryan Is a Little Bitch:
So yesterday, Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan appeared on Fox "news" Sunday with Mike Wallace's gallstone named Chris. Ryan was there because his role at this point in the election cycle is to be a little bitch. Not a manwhore, but a little, yappy bitch dog, Mitt Romney's papillon, ready to leap into his master's lap and just yelp little bitchy barks at whoever dares to move close to them.

Wallace pressed Ryan about the seeming lack of difference between Romney and President Barack Obama when it comes to dealing with Iran. Ryan yipped like a fox terrier that got into the meth stash, "Look, first, let's go to Iran. That's probably the most important. That's the biggest threat we have today. The difference is credibility. The president's Iran policy lacks credibility." See, according to Ryan,  Iran does whatever it wants because, in essence, they don't believe Obama will bomb them: "When he puts the military option on the table, he does it in a way that doesn't have credibility."

But Mitt Romney, oh, that fucker has credibility because he's Mitt Romney and he will not neglect Bibi's balls: "So what Mitt Romney and I have said is a nuclear weapons capability is what we have to stop. Now we have to speak with credibility. That means a Romney/Ryan administration will be one of credibility where we don't establish daylight between our allies, especially Israel. Where, when we say what we are going to do, it is believed. That is the issue here. The ayatollahs, by virtue of the conduct, don't believe the president when he says his interest is to stop Iran from gaining nuclear weapons."

That's what Romney is running on: that somehow, simply because he's not Obama, the Congress and the world will bow down to him and he will make it all good. What terrible Mormon rituals involving virgin blood and the tanned skin of Brigham Young must Romney have taken part in to think that he has anything that approaches "credibility" when dealing with other world leaders?

And then, on the fantasy tax plan Romney/Ryan has, where you cut taxes and get rid of super-secret loopholes, Wallace asked Ryan about what part of that magical equation is most important. In a telling answer that hasn't been discussed as much as Ryan saying that he didn't have time to explain anything real about the plan, the Cheesehead poodle said, before frantically licking his anus, "Keeping tax rates down. By lowering tax rates, people keep more of the next dollar that they earn. That matters. That is incentives. That's pro-growth policy." No, actually it's the same fucking policy as George W. Bush.

Finally, about the media, Ryan said, "[A]s a conservative, I've long believed and long felt that there is inherit media bias." He then immediately undermined his honest opinion by adding, "And I think anybody with objectivity would believe that that's the case." Umm, didn't you just say that you believe it because you're conservative and not objective?

But Ryan is a little bitch and not a man, so he wouldn't know any better.