In Brief: Romney in 2007: Some Fun Quotes from an Interview on ABC's This Week:
Back on February 18, 2007, Mitt Romney was interviewed by George Stephanopoulos's hair while at the beginning of his long journey to lose the presidential race this year. There's a few things in there that perhaps deserve to be quoted once again:

On being a missionary: "I was in a pampered home with great advantages. I went to France and I lived on a far more modest, humble basis. We made about $100 a week, we drew out of our savings to live there. That was food, clothing, transportation, housing, the whole bit. And I recognized that the opportunities we have in this country are absolutely extraordinary...Look it's hard. It's real hard being a missionary in France." (Note: Romney was a missionary during the Vietnam War, so, you know, compared to, say, John Kerry's 1968, it wasn't that hard.) (And another note: $100 in 1968 is now worth $658. Many people in this country would kill to make that.)

And here's another quote on his time in France. See, his father, George Romney, was a frontrunner for the 1968 Republican nomination when he went to Vietnam to visit the troops. He came back and said that he had received "the greatest brainwashing that anybody can get" from the generals and diplomatic corps there. It pretty much killed George Romney's presidential aspirations.

Asked if it was a "tough blow," Mitt Romney told Stephanopoulos, "It must have been but I wasn't around. I was lucky, I was in France. I was serving my church at the time. And so I saw from afar the statement and I must admit it didn't impact me as having such huge impact or moment."

You got that? The most degrading moment for his father, whom Mitt Romney has talked about idolizing, had no effect on him at all. That's some automaton-level sociopathic shit right there.

One more thing: You know that Romney was the president of the Boston area Mormon churches? That's right. He's used to being called "President Romney," fucker.

By the way, in 2007-2008, nearly every interview with Romney, including one on 60 Minutes, which he did again last night, focused on him being a Mormon. This time around? Almost nothing.

You'd think someone who has seen such progress in people's attitudes firsthand would be a bit more tolerant. Nah, not Mitt. That'd require compassion, and he left that behind like a snake's old skin a long time ago.