Oh, No, What Ever Will Happen If All the White Peoples Are Gone?:
1. A report by the Census Bureau, released this week, confirms what most Americans pretty much figured: non-white births are now outpacing white births. While the demographic tanning of the United States has slowed of late (thanks to a shitty economy causing a standstill in Mexican immigration), we're on a track to be a significantly darker country by, say 2040-2050. Even though, you know, no one group of non-whites will approach the number of white people.

2. Reliable, plump racist Pat Buchanan declared, in the wake of the Census Bureau findings, "White America is a dying tribe." And one of the worst effects of this death of whiteness? Because they've been such mensches about immigrants, Buchanan says, the Republican Party has "probably ensured its impending departure from history." Apparently, it's because stupid Hispanics don't understand how good the GOP is for them.

3. Across the nation, the number of white supremacist and militia groups is rising, quickly, in reaction to the expected shift in demographics, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Of course, the election of the first black president pretty much pressed the accelerator on such a boom in hate back in 2008.

4. In the last couple of weeks:
        a. At least 13 members of a white supremacist group, the American Front, were arrested in Florida for planning various attacks in hopes of starting a race war. They were training with weapons they had stockpiled. Unlike nearly every supposed radical Islamic plot to blow something up, the FBI was not the instigator of the group's activities. Rest assured, though, that, according to one suspect's mother, they were not a racist hate group. However, as she said, like her son, "I don't like illegals and I don't like these troublesome blacks."
       b. Joseph Benjamin Thomas is not facing terrorism charges, despite telling an undercover FBI agent that he was "a domestic terrorist." Thomas was arrested for planning to attack the Mexican consulate in St. Paul, Minnesota, among other race-based violence. He hoped his actions would "stir debate" about immigration ahead of the 2012 election.
       c. Let us not forget J.T. Ready, who killed his girlfriend, her daughter, and her granddaughter in Arizona before shooting himself. Ready was a neo-Nazi, and while the crimes weren't racially motivated, his derangement and love of big guns certainly didn't help.

Conclusion: This morning, walking back from getting coffee, the Rude Pundit crossed paths with Fat Hispanic Man Who Stands on the Corner All Day and Not-As-Fat Hispanic Woman Standing Next to Her Car. The woman's child, seated in the car, was staring at the man. "What are you looking at?" the man asked the 4 year-old boy.

His mom jumped in, "He ain't lookin' at nothin' 'cause he a punk."

And just for a split second, a gnawing anger nudged the Rude Pundit's brain. He briefly, disturbingly ascribed it to some latent racist impulse until he walked past the Fat White Boy Playing Hooky. The kid was smoking dope at 9 a.m. "What you lookin' at?" he asked the Rude Pundit.

Relieved that fuckers are fuckers, no matter what the color, he ignored the kid and headed home.