Anarchists, the FBI, and a Lesson for Occupy Protesters:
Check this out. It's from a book. Remember those?

"As an infiltrator [Morris] Lubin had good success, winning an office in union leadership where he showed himself to be very militant. According to the New York Globe, 'Lubin led secret raids upon the homes of strike-breakers. He plotted unsuccessfully to blow up the hotel occupied by scabs...He looted and wrecked other places. He was lavish in distributing lead pipe, blackjacks, and even revolvers to the hotheads of the union. As a grand climax of his program of violence, Lubin planned an attack on a train bringing strikebreakers into town.'"

That's not to mention Lubin and three other men attacking and beating a strikebreaker to death. He went to prison for that. Morris Lubin worked for the Burns Detective Agency which, according to the book Front Page Detective: William J. Burns and the Detective Profession, 1880-1930 by William Hunt, had as its mission, among other things, to make "the public believe that radical labor was a great menace." Lubin's actions were meant to discredit a garment workers' union that was striking in 1911 in Cleveland, Ohio.

So when the Rude Pundit heard about the plot to bomb a bridge that involved members of a fringe group associated, just barely, with Occupy Cleveland, he wasn't surprised in the least that the entire thing was instigated by FBI informants who had infiltrated the small circle of men and manipulated them into blowing up the bridge. Well, actually, not blowing up the bridge, since the explosives were fake, but getting them to the point of explosion and then...nothing, like a denied orgasm. Suffice to say that if Douglas Wright had not met with the FBI informant, he would have been content raining anarchist hellfire on Cleveland with smoke bombs and sign-tipping. But the FBI dude got 'em all jazzed up for blowin' up that bridge real good, even settin' 'em up with "the man," the one who would sell 'em the C4 explosives.

It's an old lesson, but one that young protesters have gotta understand: Ask anyone who was around in the anti-'Nam protests, anyone who marched for civil rights - the infiltrators are always the most violent assholes. Anyone who is cheering for the big action that could kill people ain't one of you.

And the larger lesson is this: they are going to push and push until someone acts so that they can then point and say, "Look at how awful these Occupy people are." Idiots will, of course, believe it.