SEIU on the Attack: Bring It, Teabaggers:

If the teabaggers were smart and not enthralled by Sarah Palin's sneering vagina, they would be joining with members of the Service Employees International Union in marching on banks and lobbyists yesterday and today. Of course, asking them to be smart is like asking buzzards to stop eating carrion: why bother with live prey when the dead kind is so much easier?

Up there is a picture from what ought to be a teabagger's wet dream: hundreds of people on the lawns and at the door of JP Morgan Chase's Peter Scher, who is Global Government Relations and Public Policy for the mega-mighty bank. And a lobbyist. The marchers wanted to pierce the protective shell inside which the banks' lobbyists exist, to deliver messages and be heard by people outside the Capital echo chamber. In other words, they were a bunched of pissed-off workers brought in to fuck shit up. Where's your Adam Smith now, motherfucker?

By the way, Scher (who was protested along with Bank Of America's Gregory Baer) has previously worked for the Clinton administration and Democratic bank whore Max Baucus. He's a Democrat. This shit crosses party lines.

Of course, Glenn Beck has gone the full bugfuck insane on the SEIU, calling them "Marxists" bent on the destruction of our capitalist way of life. Right wing blogs are busy smearing anyone even vaguely connected with the protests, including Heather Booth, who David Horowitz's outfit calls "an Alinskyite" (as in Saul, ya know) who "has also been described as a 'guiding force' for ACORN and was an avowed supporter of Bill Ayers’s Weather Underground terrorist group," as if these are bad things.

Truly, if there's a universal opponent, it is those portrayed in that grotesque image there from today's protests. But Beck and Palin and every Tea Party abetting politician and media freak have convinced their followers that the enemies are those trying to rein in an unhinged, greedy beast. They think they can puff the cigars when, really, they're lucky to inhale the smoke. The entire Tea Party movement is about being hyper-selfish, based in Ayn Rand-porn, a perverse take on individualism that elevates one over the many, as if giving a good goddamn about the community and nation is merely a Stalinist plot.

Never fear, dear droolingly stupid teabaggers. Some keep fighting for the good of the many over the few, however hopeless a pursuit that may be.