Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Down a Handful of Roofies with Warm Box Wine:

In the realm of symbolic pictures, this President has provided many: Bush distantly looking down on flooded New Orleans from his imperial plane; Bush looking idiotic trying to open a door in China that was never meant to open in the first place. But this one is up there: George Bush looking over the biblical-type devastation of the heart of America. For, truly, one of the only explanations for the insane, almost compulsive, decimation of so many aspects of this nation - its economy, its military, its Constitution - is that the intention all along was like that of a James Bond villain: fuck shit up just because it'll make you more powerful and richer.

As another example of the neglect of the infrastructure of this country because of the expense of a war or two, of tax cuts for the very rich, of one worthless policy after another, well, that picture of Bush peering out into the rot and sewage and waste infecting the land itself, that shit's just Mission Accomplished, motherfuckers.

Bush's words of comfort to Iowa are the kind of trite, insulting nonsense that used to get the more retarded knaves at court's tongues cut out: "I'm sorry we're going through this. Tell people that oftentimes you get dealt a hand you didn't expect to have to play, and the question is not whether you're going to get dealt the hand; the question is how do you play it. And I'm confident the people of Iowa will play it really well." Fuck yeah. Suck it, god. Let's go all in.

Let's leave this week with the words of Lashawn Baker while she was cleaning up her soon-to-be gutted home: "It took him a long time to get to New Orleans and he didn't help any of those people, so I don't think he's going to do anything to help Cedar Rapids now that he's here." Ah, it seems that some people understand the plot now.