The Pathetic Incredulity of Republicans: Benghazi and Kavanaugh

When I see GOP Senators talk about the women accusing Brett Kavanaugh of myriad sorts of sexual assault, I keep coming back to the things that Republicans are ready to believe (or pretend to believe for the sake of political gain) with no evidence or evidence so bizarre as to be nonsensical at best, and downright dangerous at worst.

For instance, I keep thinking about the 2012 Benghazi attack, where 4 Americans, including the U.S. ambassador, were killed in a raid on the consulate there, and how, no matter how many times Republicans were told that there was no conspiracy of silence or conspiracy of inaction or conspiracy of any sort, even after one Senate committee and five fucking House hearings and investigations, all led by Republicans, as well as one by a  Senate Select Committee, current Judiciary Committee Member Republican Senator Ted "Don't Hit Me, Beto" Cruz was still not satisfied. In 2014, he went on Fox "news" and demanded more answers, more goddamned investigations. And so there were more. There was a House Select Committee that investigated and found nothing other than random fuck-ups that should be avoided in the future. That's on top of an FBI and State Department investigation right after it happened.

Goddamnit, they were after the truth, these brave Republicans willing to believe any weird ass theory barked at them from Breitbart or shat straight into their open hands by Sean Hannity. And then, once the election of 2016 was over and Hillary Clinton had lost, not a goddamn word from Ted Cruz. That motherfucker was talking Benghazi all the way through 2016, as were his fellow Judiciary Committee fuckfaces like John Cornyn. The election was over and it was done. Hell, Orrin Hatch, another of those fuckfaces, even suggested that they just forget about Benghazi. Shit, last year, fuckin' Ted Cruz co-sponsored a bill to cut in half the security budget for embassies and consulates, in direct contradiction of what every goddamned investigation said.

From e-mails to uranium sales to President Obama's birth certificate, these shitheels and ratfuckers couldn't believe bullshit fast enough. If it was the barest of anti-Obama or anti-Hillary hints of scandal, Republicans would jump on that like white cops on a black grandmother waving her cane too much. Everyone believes shit when it's to their advantage. That's human nature. But fuckin' Republicans, man, they believe it like their lives depended on it. They take things that require more leaps of faith than that the earth was made in 7 days and hold them up as absolute, delivered from God's mouth truth. And even when it's proven that they're just fuckin' lying or, you know, wrong, Republicans say, "Well, yeah, but what if we have more hearings?" They're like a bunch of idiot shepherds standing around an animal carcass, saying, "Maybe if we fuck this dead goat more, it'll come back to life."

So we're not talking run-of-the-mill hypocrisy when it comes to their treatment of the allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. We're talking a kind of meta-hypocrisy, one that is about how they approach those things that need evidence. Whenever it benefits them, they will gnaw at it like a pit bull on a cow bone. And when it doesn't, well, shit, they don't want to be bothered to support even a minimal investigation. But they'll support Kavanaugh, damnit, because that's what they're supposed to do because something, something midterm turnout. (I'd argue they want to assure the nutzoid evangelicals that they're gonna get their Roe overturning vote on the court before the midterms.)

Yet, if you go back to the fake scandals of the Bill Clinton presidency, and you'll see that it was almost always Democrats, including Clinton's attorney general, who were calling for an investigation, with the idea being that finding the facts would shut Republicans the fuck up. Of course, that was wishful thinking at its most pathetically wishful. It can't go without saying that Kavanaugh himself sought to get "answers" on one of the scuzziest of the Clinton "scandals," that the suicide of Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster was really a murder, a hit done by the Clintons. To this day, there are people who believe that is true, along with the idea that Hillary Clinton did 45 murders (no, really, look that shit up).

The point here is that the abject refusal on the part of Republicans to call for any kind of investigation, beyond Senate staff, of the multiple allegations against Kavanaugh, involving everything from dick-waving to participating in running a train on a drunk woman, speaks to the fucked up sexism of the Republicans. Democrats have forced out Al Franken and Anthony Weiner and want Keith Ellison to be investigated. Republicans not only refuse to believe Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez and, potentially, others, but they won't even allow ask for law enforcement to look into it in the course of an expanded background check. Plainly, they are afraid of what will be discovered. (And it can't be said enough: Any investigation into Ford's allegations would have been over by now.)

We've known for a long time that Republicans basically couldn't give a flea fart about women. They are hurt and confused by the #MeToo movement, like spider monkeys who don't know where to go once their rainforest has been mowed down so they just throw shit at everyone around them. So it's not that there is anything shocking in the behavior of Republicans.

But the brazenness of their unrelenting fuckery is going off the charts. And it's just so obvious that they have learned not a goddamned thing since the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas hearing in 1991. The difference, of course, is that the other side has learned a thing or two. Hopefully, it's enough for Democrats to cause a reckoning that has been nearly 30 years in the making.