Columbus Day for the Conquered: Real Indians Tell Dan Snyder to Shove His Money Up His Whiteskin Ass

Yesterday, 150 people, many of them actual Indians, showed up in Glendale, Arizona, to protest at the Washington Redskins/Arizona Cardinals game at University of Phoenix Stadium. Being a motherfucker of great renown, Redskins owner Dan Snyder spread some joy in Indian Country, inviting the governor of the Zuni tribe to the game and giving out 250 tickets to local high school kids whose school mascot is the Redskin. And he had a picnic for 'em.

He also had the outgoing president of the Navajo Nation seated next to him in his box. It's important to note that although Ben Shelly looked all Indian and noble and shit, the actual Navajo Nation, which voted him out of office, has moved to act against the Redskins. In April, the tribe's council passed the "Opposing the Use of Disparaging References to Native People in Professional Sports Franchises" bill by a 9-2 vote.

At the game, some of the protesters were confronted by angry fake Indians: "They experienced hateful comments by Redskins fans—even from a young 7-year old boy. When [one protester] told [the boy's] parents that they were teaching their son to support racism, they were at first defensive, but later apologized." The fine, fine Redskins fans who honor the legacy of Native Americans may have even been dressed to celebrate the indigenous people of this land:

Just a question for Redskins fans: How do you dress like this or associate with people who dress like this and not feel like a total twat? Those douche canoes are sad because the Cardinals kicked Washington in its redskin taint.

Earlier this year, the Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation (aka "filthy hush money"), which has been sponsoring projects and handing out wads of cash like they're small pox-infested blankets, visited the Quechan tribe in Winterhaven, California. The tribe has been trying to build a large skate park for the kids in the town. The OAF offered to pay for the entire project and give every child in the tribe an iPad. While the OAF officials said that the tribe didn't even have to mention who donated the money, no doubt OAF would use the tribe's cooperation to polish the hardening turd of their funders' team's name.

The Quechan told OAF to go fuck itself with a tomahawk. Said one tribe leader, "There are no questions about this. We will not align ourselves with an organization to simply become a statistic in their fight for name acceptance in Native communities. We’re stronger than that and we know bribe money when we see it."

The skatepark is dedicated to the prevention of suicide among Native Americans, where there is a depressingly high rate. The Quechan Memorial Skate Park website says, "According to Indian Health Service research, suicide is the second leading cause of death for Indian youth residing in IHS service areas. Furthermore, the IHS report found this suicide rate to be 3.5 times higher than the national average."

So, you know, pride and identity might come into play here. And perhaps seeing fucknuts like those guys up there has at least a small effect.

You can donate money to build the skatepark here: http://www.quechanskate.com/. Say you're doing it because fuck that guy, Dan Snyder, and that other guy, Columbus.