Write Some Motherfuckin' Haiku for the Rude Pundit

Write Some Motherfuckin' Haiku for the Rude Pundit:
It's almost time for the Rude Pundit's annual Haiku Review of the year just ending. Instead of boring you with endless pages of "Hey, wasn't that shit fucked up" observations, he gets Asian on the year's ass in the form of the haiku, the 3-line poem of a line of five syllables, a line of seven syllables, and a line of five syllables. Like:

Miley's twerking ass,
Just like Janet Jackson's tit.
Fleshy distractions.

See? Like a gentle breeze across a rice paddy.

Next week, the Rude Pundit will post his own, and, as always, he invites rude readers to submit their own. The only rule is that it's gotta be a real haiku. Any subject is game.

Using his awesome ability to be a total bastard in his judgment, the Rude Pundit will post the best ones. In case you are chosen, give the name you want with it and a place (city or state or country, however vague you'd like to be).

And email 'em to rudepundit_at_yahoo.com.