Photos That Take the Rude Pundit to His Happy Place:
Yes, yes, the jobs report is positive news. Yes, yes, Mitt Romney is still a lying shit sack. Yes, yes, the right is gleefully, pathetically mocking Obama supporters. Yes, yes, not much has changed about the election. But, still, all in all, it's been a frustrating week, as the Rude Pundit detailed on last night's episode of Cheater and the Rude, where he indicated that punching a panda would make him feel better:

Instead of dwelling on all of this before the long weekend, the Rude Pundit wants to go to a happy place. Usually that means ecstasy, whiskey, and clamps gently placed on nipples of various shapes, sizes, and genders to the delighted squeals of the clampee.

Today, though, his happy place is India, where hundreds of kids dressed up like Gandhi. No, really:

Yep, that was for Mahatma Gandhi's 143rd birthday on Tuesday. He once said, "Strictly speaking, all amassing or hoarding of wealth above and beyond one's legitimate requirements is theft. There would be no occasion for theft, and therefore no thieves, if there were wise regulations of wealth and absolute social justice."

He'd probably throw up endlessly over debates about the middle class and whether or not the rich can pay 4% more in taxes of their income above a quarter million.

But he'd probably find the kids adorable.