Photos from the American Police State:

All in all, it's been a pretty shitty week for those of us who believe in things like rights and freedom. Not the bullshit chimera "Freedom" that nutzoid right-wingers sodomize like the last donkey in Alabama, but real and actual freedom. See, to the right, the government saying that a business needs to meet certain building codes and labor laws is an infringement on freedom. On the left, we say getting strip-searched by cops because you are wrongly accused of not paying your parking tickets is a bit more freedom-denying. But, really, what's the difference, huh?

Or perhaps we think that campus cops in a California college gettin' all up in student faces with the pepper spray once again breeches the whole freedom vs. tyranny line. This time around, the dastardly collegians at Santa Monica College were protesting a major hike in tuition, and, thus, because they didn't act like good, docile sheep, they had to get a face full of pain. Fuck, yeah.

Are we done now? Are we past our post-9/11 worship of police? Have we given them enough rights as we have destroyed our own? And, most importantly, is it okay to call them "pigs" again?